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Prefabricated Environmental Package Systems (PEPS)
in Asia

Projekttitel: Stimulating "Prefabricated Environmental Package Systems" business models and investments in Asia - EU Asia Link PEPS
Projektleiter: Prof. Dr. mult. Karl-Ulrich Rudolph
Projektpartner: TEI; CYEIDC; SIWRR; FEAD
Förderer: EU Commission (EU Asia Pro Eco)
Kennzeichen: TH/Asia Pro Eco/02 (91103)
Projektlaufzeit: Mai 2005 - September 2006

The Project aims at documenting and benchmarking a selective number of SME PEPS producers and production processes in Europe and assesses the prospect of transposing such business models in three rapidly industrializing and urbanizing Asian countries/regions (Thailand, China/ Jiangsu Province, Vietnam).

The diagnostic study work to be developed and published within the project term, will analyse the structure and cost profile of about 5 to 15 European SMEs PEPS providers to be identified and mobilized as "test PEPS business models" at the beginning of the project. Then the cost structure of transposing representative PEPS production processes in the three target Asian countries will be assessed. Finally the value of the study will be rounded up as an investor guide for European PEPS providers, through a review and documentation of PEPS segmentation, market prospects and trends, regulatory PEPS market drivers, barriers and actors as well as foreign investors incentives and privileges available in these countries.

Deliverables are expected to include an in depth economic benchmarking study of the cost of model PEPS business and production processes as well as a detailed study of PEPS market segments, drivers and barriers and incentives for investors in the three targeted Asian countries.