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Private Sector Participation (PSP) in South East Asia

Projekttitel: Policy Reinforcement and Networking for Private Sector Participation (PSP) Facilitation in Water Supply and Wastewater Infrastructure Development in South East Asia
Projektleiter: Prof. Dr. mult. Karl-Ulrich Rudolph
Projektpartner: MWA; ISEP; GTCC; SIWRR; FEAD; CTUP
Förderer: EU Commission (EU Asia Pro Eco)
Kennzeichen: TH/Asia Pro Eco/04 (101301)
Projektlaufzeit: August 2005 - Januar 2008


Title of Proposal

Policy Reinforcement and Networking for Private Sector Participation (PSP) Facilitation in Water Supply and Wastewater Infrastructure Development in South East Asia.
Policy recommendations to enhance the uptake of PSP investment initiatives in the municipal water and sanitation sectors in South East Asia and stimulation of a regional network for experience sharing in good practices for investment.


EU 1: Germany, Witten Asia 1: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
EU 2: Belgium, Brussels Asia 2: Thailand, Bangkok
EU 3: Czech Republic, Prague Asia 3: Indonesia, Jakarta
Asia 4: Vietnam, Ho-Chi-Minh City


The project shall review lessons learned from past and current water supply and sanitation PSP models in various townships and cities in South East Asia to deliver a series of policy recommendation for the enhancement of the viability of PSP initiatives for water supply and sanitation investment and services especially in medium size urban areas. The objective is to accelerate the dissemination of practical and cost effective PSP models and encourage the uptake of PSP urban water supply and sanitation investment which has suffered some slowdown and setback in the region in recent years.

Target groups are the national, regional and provincial governmental agencies for water supply and sanitation, the emerging regulators of water services, the national associations for water supply and sanitation services utilities and operators as well as the think tanks that are facilitating PSP-based investment in the region. Project activities shall include a policy review of current institutional and legal practices, some benchmarking comparison of water services utilities with and without PSP and make policy recommendations about lessons learned regarding institutional, economic, financial and operative experience with PSP models. The project shall also include transboundary policy experience sharing events and the publication of good practice guidebooks and case studies. The project shall finally explore the interest and feasibility of establishing a regional network proving value adding services for the facilitation of PSP based urban water and sanitation investment in the region addressing specifically the need of medium size urban areas beyond the megalopolis. Key output will be a series of guidebooks and training manuals about regionally tested and proven model PSP policies, institutional setting, financing instruments and technology solutions for PSP driven investment. The initiative will run for 24 months and covers four key South East Asian Countries.

Eine Diplomarbeit zum Thema "Implications of European water sector experiences for innovative PSP concepts" ist als als Band 28 in der Instituts-Schriftenreihe veröffentlicht worden.